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Miss a traveling opportunity or go back home for Christmas?

August 14, 2008

I am leaving to study abroad for 8 months soon. I am dating a wonderful guy and I’m truly and completely in love with him. I know I want to pursue a long-distance relationship with him, but I have a question about Christmas break. On my program we have the opportunity to go to Sweden and Russia for Christmas break, which would be awesome. However, I also really want to see my boyfriend over Christmas and he would be unable to attend the trip since it’s only for students in the program. If I went home to see my boyfriend for Christmas, I’m worried I might regret it because I’ll have missed a great opportunity. But, I also think seeing him over Christmas will be a great way to make the time I’m away seem shorter. I’m torn!! Help!!


Michelle says..

If you can postpone on making the decision, I think you should. You might feel differently when December grows near. After months of being away, you’re going to miss not only your boyfriend, but your family as well. After all, it is the holidays, and it’s a time of year that most everyone spends with the people that are closest to them in their lives. If Christmas time is the only time you’ll be able to go back home in those 8 months, then I would most certainly consider going back home for that short time only because it’s your only chance to visit home before going away for 4 more months.

Going to Russia and Sweden definitely sounds exciting and would be a wonderful opportunity and experience. I would be excited as well. But you have to think about how you’re going to feel a few months down the road, and how much you’re going to miss everyone back at home. If you can, avoid committing to making the Christmas break trip now, and see if you can decide on this later, when you have a better idea of how you’ll feel.

Hope this helps!


Frank says…

Hi Chelsea. I very much believe that you should not give up your great opportunity to go abroad during college. You will never really get a chance to do that type of thing again. And your boyfriend should be supportive of your decision. I know it is hard to be away and miss an opportunity to see him. You will have the internet and potentially phone (try Skype) to talk on. So, once the political tension in Russia dies down, you should go and have a great time. And your boyfriend should understand.


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