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There are many communication tools available to those in Long Distance Relationships. But, which ones are most used by long distance couples? That is what Michelle and I set to find out. A while back, we asked all of our members to send in your stories and opinions on your favorite online communication tools. Using your contributions and a little research of our own, we have compiled a list of the top programs used by you and others in LDRs.

1. Skype

  • skype communication tool

    Skype is a free video and voice chat service. It is the most used online communication tool by our “Loving From A Distance” members. Millions of individuals and businesses use Skype too.
    • Make free Skype-to-Skype phone calls
    • Video chat
    • Send instant messages and share files with other Skype users
    • Make low-cost calls to landlines and mobiles (as low as $3/mo for unlimited US and Canada calling)

For international couples, who would otherwise have outrageous phone bills, they use Skype as an alternative.

Click here to download Skype for free!

What Long Distancers have to say about Skype:

“The program is easy to handle and can connect you so much better with you certain someone.” – Eileen

“Seeing him say he loves me, watching him play his bass, singing Zeppelin together…4000 miles and a massive pond between us, and still I feel like he’s right there.” – Midge

“Skype means not only can we type chat, but also verbally talk to each other free of charge, for as long as we like.” – Joey

“Skype is fantastic because it allows us to communicate directly without using up tons of cell phone minutes.” – Emily

“The sound is much better than a cell phone call and the video quality is much better than ichat” – Bess

“With Skype, we can speak to each other whatever time of the day we want [since we are on different cell providers]! We don’t even bother talking on our cell phones anymore now that there is Skype.” – Gina

“Our relationship is stronger all because of Skype!” – Jennifer

2. Google Hangouts

  • google hangouts communication tool

    Google Hangouts is a free video, voice, and messaging service from Google. All you need is a Google (Gmail) account and you are good to go. Hangouts can be used on Android, iOS, and on your computer.
    • Send Hangouts messages: You can start a Hangout conversation with just one person or have a group chat with several people.
    • Make video calls: Have face-to-face video calls with up to 9 other people.
    • Make phone calls: Almost all calls you make to the U.S. and Canada are free, but a few destinations will cost USD 1 cent per minute depending on the specific phone number.
    • Send text messages depending on your set up.
    • Share photos, locations, and stickers.

Number 2 on our list goes to Google Hangouts. Michelle and I have used a number of different chat and video programs, but since we both have GMail accounts we have completely switched to Google’s chat features. Michelle and I use Google Hangouts all the time and we love it. It is by far the best program we have used. You you have the option to chat exclusively within GMail making it perfect for the workplace when the boss walks by.

Michelle and I have found Google’s application to have high quality video and voice features. There are also a bunch of animated emoticons that you can type in, such as :(|) for a monkey face. But, why send a monkey emoticon when you can just draw it on your SO (with one of the built in features.) If you enjoy YouTube, you can both watch YouTube videos together right from within Hangouts.

We strongly recommend Google Hangouts for those that already have GMail accounts.

Click here to go to Google Hangouts.

What Long Distancers have to say about Google Hangouts:

“We switched to gmail and LOVE it! We have had no issues with it. It allows us to both be on video AND visit other sites/send each other links at the same time. Gmail video has proved to be very reliable and dependable. It always starts up, never freezes and has never once kicked us offline. …We also use the gmail chat from our cell phones. We can chat just like in text form without incurring international charges for texts.” – Kate

“I typically do video chat through this while also checking and writing emails” – Tayler

3. ooVoo

  • oovoo communication tool

    To connect with your SO using any device, try ooVoo! It has a lot of the same features as Hangouts (calling, video chat, watching YouTube together) but it also has the ability to record your conversations to watch them later!
    • A FREE download (ad supported, with option to upgrade to no ads)
    • Boasts a patented Superclear™ technology to deliver unbelievable video clarity and crystal clear audio.
    • Record your call to watch later!
    • Works on so many platforms

Your friends might be using ooVoo to group chat, but we have found ooVoo to be a very reliable way to communicate if you both don’t have FaceTime or Hangouts. I think it is really neat how you can record a call and save it so you can watch a little clip of your SO whenever you’re feeling lonely. I haven’t personally noticed any benefit to the Superclear™ technology, but it might give you an edge if you are communicating across the globe.

Click here to go to

What Long Distancers have to say about ooVoo:

We don’t have any current reviews of ooVoo. If you use this app and want to submit a short review, submit it to!

4. Snapchat

  • snapchat communication tool

    Snapchat is a well designed app that makes social media a little more personal and fun. Instead of broadcasting a picture to the world on Twitter, keep it more intimate and share a moment only with your SO (or just a few friends.)
    • A FREE app for iPhone or Android
    • Feel free to have fun – snap chats aren’t permanent like a post to Facebook
    • Make a ‘Story’ of your day and share it with your SO
    • Fun filters and Geofilters to spice up your snaps

Click here to go to Snapchat.

5. EyeJot

  • eyejot communication tool

    Like leaving a voicemail, but with video…and via email, eyejot rounds out our top five. We’ve recommended eyejot for years – and still do. Eyejot runs from within the browser – so there is nothing to download. It offers its most popular features for free and is also available on iOS. Let your SO wake up to a video of you on the top of their inbox!

    • Inbox and sent folders to manage and track all your video messages
    • Free for Windows, and Macs
    • Easily download videos to your computer
    • Shake up the communication with a personalized video message

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