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The Loving From A Distance forum is a great place for connecting with others who are in long distance relationships. Our community is made up of individuals that are here to help others and give/receive support.

All members should understand the rules before posting. Not complying with the rules may result in banning.

– If you are posting a general question or are seeking general advice, please perform a search on the site to make sure someone else hasn’t already posted your topic.

– When replying to threads stay on topic.

– Be clear and concise when asking for advice. If you’re writing a post to vent, your blog on LFAD may be a better place to post (all LFAD members have blogs).

– Press the enter key between paragraphs; walls of text are hard to read.

– Take the time to check over your grammar/spelling, it is appreciated!

– It is helpful to provide links to any previous posts you’ve made, if they are relevant to a new thread you are posting.

Please do not expect everyone to agree with you. People will share their opinions, whether or not it’s what you want or expect to hear. Likewise, do not get upset if someone disagrees with you. Respect other members’ opinions even though you may not agree with them.

– Do not ask for your threads or posts to be deleted. It’s not fair to members who have taken the time to reply to your thread.

– Do not post any messages that are obscene, vulgar, hateful, threatening, disrespectful, insulting (including name calling), offensive, or otherwise violative of any laws will not be tolerated on the forum and may result in banning.

– Do not use abusive or violent language, even if not directed specifically at another member. (eg. commenting on a post to say, “if I was dating someone like that, I’d slap her,” is neither helpful nor constructive).

– Do not use excessive swearing.

– Keep all mature, sex-related content in the LFADult section of the forum.

– No trolling, flaming, or badgering. Also, do not “feed the trolls.” Report them.

– Do not post spam. Includes linking to a competitive website or forum. It will result in immediate removal. Also, soliciting members for personal gain will not be tolerated: any links or posts that ask for money (eg. GoFundMe) or listing items for sale will be removed. Affiliate links are also not permitted.

– Don’t post questions like “Does he/she like me?” “What’s going on with him?” etc. We do not know what the person is thinking; we’re not psychics!

– Don’t ask us for gift ideas for your significant other without first checking out the ideas in the gift section of the forum or the main site.

– Do not tell others that they cannot post in your thread. Everyone is allowed to post as they please as long as they are respectful.

– Do not use anything other than the standard font/color/size/etc. Reading things like this is neither easy nor enjoyable, and even small changes can make things much more difficult for people with visual disabilities.

How to Report a Post

– If you see someone breaking the rules, report their post. You can report a post by clicking the small black triangle button at the bottom of the post:

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Michelle is the founder of Loving From A Distance. While in a long distance relationship, she noticed a lack of resources for couples looking for things to do from a distance (and support for the"non-standard" relationships in general.) Michelle, and her now husband, Frank, started creating the list of things to do and the site grew from there. Michelle also created the Loving From A Distance forum so everyone could get support from those who truly understand their relationships. Michelle and Frank closed the distance after a 5-year long distance relationship in July 2011. In Michelle's spare time, she likes to keep up on current events and bake cookies. Michelle and Frank raise their 2 sons and miniature poodle in Maine.

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