Free LDR Quote Prints by Mail!

long distance quote prints

I’m so excited that the long distance relationship quote prints that we designed are now available on our website!

They are included for free when you order “Love knows no distance” bracelets (a set of 2 in every package) starting with orders made today, Feb 8th. We really wanted to include something that would inspire and motivate you on your long distance relationship journey. They are the perfect size to display on your desk or put on your fridge 🙂

The feature two of my favorite long distance relationship quotes:

“Know that my love is present even when I am not”


“The pain of parting is nothing to the joy of meeting again.”

That second quote really speaks to my heart – I remember bawling my eyes out at the bus station when Frank and I had to say goodbye, but I knew then how much he was worth it and the immense joy I would have when I would get to see him again.

Each print measures 4.25″ x 5.5″ and is printed on high quality glossy 100 lb paper (think postcard paper). On the backside, there is promotional material which is how we are able to offer them for free!

If you’re interested in getting just the prints, you can order them by filling out the order form below – just pay for S&H and fees ($1.50 for US addresses and $2.50 for international addresses).

Here’s a photo of them! They make me smile so much! 🙂

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