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Charmed Over a Chat  By Katy   4/27/2010  

His name was Teddy, mine was Sweety. It started almost 4 months ago after a family Christmas party... read more

Pinay Meets Aussie  By Maria   4/27/2010  

I had been single for 2 years before I decided to join an online dating site. A friend of mine suggested the site where she met her husband and now living in the States together. Anyways, I gave it a try but I was not really serious about finding a real relationship especially an LDR read more

Time and Relative Dimensions in Love  By Tamara   4/20/2010  

Flight from Singapore, $1,300. Hotel, $900. Seeing the love of your life for the first time and realizing he's perfect: priceless. read more

Promise of Summer '09  By Jessica   4/19/2010  

We were 2000 miles apart, and nothing could've been harder. Summer '09, a summer I will never forget. read more

Falling in Love in Paradise  By Elena   8/29/2009  

While I certainly was enjoying the Brazilian eye candy, I wasn’t planning on meeting that 'special someone ’on this trip. But apparently fate already had different plans. read more

The Longer the Waiting  By Ashley   8/3/2009  

Friends who knew one another and liked eachother but did nothing about it. Finally, years after and finally deciding to do something about it, he is deployed. read more

Tenerife 2007  By Ash   8/3/2009  

Couple of days before my 16th birthday, there was a guy, standing in front of me...a smile that lit the room. Eyes that stuck on me like no one else was there. read more

The Love of My Life  By Alyssa   6/29/2009  

Edgar was 15, Alyssa 13. It has been 5 years and a lot has changed. This is the story about two very different people from two very different countries who still managed to fall in love. read more

In Love  By Ana   6/29/2009  

Most people say that love over the internet doesn't work. But they're all wrong. It does work, with a little effort and patience from both sides, everything works. read more

Long Lost Love  By Stephanie   6/29/2009  

Found each other again after 30 years... read more

Oregon Rain meets Minnesota Snow  By Zach   6/29/2009  

I started dating my sweetie during the coldest January Minnesota had seen in years. It was -22 F, but we managed to spark a fire between us that has lasted through six states of distance... read more

Finding my baby Josh!! The best gift I could ever ask for  By Mariel   6/23/2009  

If you believe that dreams come true...There's one that's waiting there for you..I would never imagined that I could ever have a wonderful love as the one I have now with my babe Joshua read more

Lonely times and miles away from each other  By Loreen   6/23/2009  

Just a short story about how David & I met. I wasn't looking to find "someone," just a general chat...with a man thousands of miles away from me. read more

My Very Own Clown  By Laura   6/10/2009  

Multicoloured afro... white scientist coat... charity collector bucket... who wouldn't? read more

Reflection on a First Date  By Rick Walker   5/04/2009  

After months on the internet and phone, a magic meeting... read more

She and I...  By Jon   4/03/2009  

"I live in Washington U.S.A and she lives in Pune, India. She is literally just about as far away as a person can get from me before they would start coming back." read more

Not forever...  By Nicole   4/03/2009  

"I am 25 years old and I live in Boston, MA and I am currently enlisted in the Service. My boyfriend lives in California. We have been in an LDR for about a year and a half, and it never gets any easier. I get deployed quite often and usually for long periods of time. I thought having an LDR would be hard enough but when you know that after deployment you are still coming home to an empty home, it hurts." read more

When you least expect it...  By Evan   4/03/2009  

"I've never thought highly of LDRs or anything of the sort; I've done it once before and it turned out horribly for both parties. But I'm a complete 180 now." read more

From Yahoo! Messenger to Phone to Hopefully Here With Me  By Allie   4/03/2009  

"He was feeling really depressed and upset because of his ex and I was thinking, "Maybe I can cheer him up." So I told him that I liked him and he said he liked me too and the very next day we were in a relationship and it has lasted almost 7 months now. =D" read more

The Military Boyfriend and the College Girlfriend  By Kevin   3/01/2009  

"Never in my life would have ever figured that I would be in a long distance relationship. But, you never know what life has in store for you when you least expect it." read more

Love on a Boat  By Candice   2/25/2009  

"I was invited to go on a cruise to Jamaica with my best friend. I thought it was just gonna be a fun week and a half. Little did I know I'd meet the most amazing boy ever, Nick." read more

Across the Pacific Ocean  By Wesley   2/14/2009  

"Fate took its course. A few days after we met, a severe ice storm hit Kansas, closing all the roads and leaving me stuck in Wichita. ...Needless to say I was not fussed by the fact I was going to be staying in Wichita longer than planned." read more

My Honey & Me :)  By Farron   2/09/2009  

I live in California and he lives in Romania. read more

How come we always fall in love with our best friends?  By Christine   1/14/2009  

"Love is a very complicated thing. However, my best friend and I have managed to hold on to it for dear life." read more

My Miliary Boyfriend  By Corian   1/09/2009  

"Very few people will ever have to experience the feeling of being a military wife/husband and having to constantly wonder what's going on and whether they are actually safe... but having them home and in your arms is an unbeatable feeling." read more

Me and Ben's Story  By Corian   12/12/2008  

"So we tried it. We were nervous and scared. But we hit it off." read more

Love Story  By Melissa   11/27/2008  

"Why are you silent?" and I said, "I'm looking at this really beautiful star," and he said, "Do you wanna know why it's so beautiful?" and I said, "Yeah why?" and he said, "Because two people who truly love each other are looking at it right now." read more

Me and Daniel  By Ciera   10/24/2008 

"I was browsing MySpace one day over a year ago and saw the most amazing man I have ever seen (and instantly knew I had to know him)." read more

My Temporary LDR  By Kate   10/22/2008  

Kate met her boyfriend while in college. She recently left to go to another university and her relationship turns long distance. Read about her story and offer your advice. read more

Pixel Love Turned Real Love  By Evan   10/16/2008  

Evan's life becomes absorbed by the online game, Runescape. When he meets a fellow online player, learn how his life completely turns around. read more

My First and Only Love  By Chloe   10/15/2008  

Chloe meets her boyfriend in Canada when she moves there because of her father's work. When she has to move back to Angola, she and her boyfriend make the decision to continue their relationship despite the distance. read more

Lucky in Love  By Alexandra   10/12/2008  

Alexandra falls for a guy on a virtual reality game, even though he wasn't the guy she was going for. Find out how their love develops and the problems they have faced in their long distance relationship. read more

Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder  By Leah   10/09/2008  

Leah had the biggest crush on her guy since the 8th grade and everyone knew but him. When her family has to move 900 miles away, he realizes how much he'll miss his friend, and comes to the realization that he has feelings for her. read more

"They Bring Me To You"  By Crystal   10/02/2008  

Crystal's high school crush turns into long distance love 10 years later. read more

"A Twist of Coincidences"  By Eric   9/29/2008  

He fell in love with her at 15, but chose another girl. Find out how he finds his way back to her. read more

Found Love Via  By Lehxi   9/22/2008  

Lehxi tells her story of how she randomly met her boyfriend on read more

Motivation from Yahoo! Answers  By Gabby   7/24/2008  

Gabby asks for advice on whether or not to pursue a long distance relationship with an old high school crush on Yahoo! Answers. read more

Gabriela's Love Story  By Gabriela   7/24/2008  

Two years ago when Gabriela was 17 she met a Matt, 18, who was thousands of miles away through MySpace. He lived in Canada, and she was from Mexico. Gabriela shares the details of her heart's journey through the tribulations of a long distance relationship, that eventually could not be. She includes a YouTube video of the song she wrote for him. read more

Venassa's Long Distance Story  By Venassa   6/15/2008  

Venassa tells her long distance story, and shares a little advice she has learned along the way. read more
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