Some people may assume, that love letters are the norm in long distance relationships. Not so! Since starting this site in 2008, I have come to realize more and more that love letters are a dying romance, if you will. With emails, instant messaging, and long distance calling plans, many people in LDRs think, “Why write a letter when I can just tell him/her what I want on the phone?”

It’s not what you say, it’s the act of writing a letter
that is romantic in itself.

Based on my own personal experience, letters are more powerful than any email.

They can make a person smile even before it is opened.
Anything written in a letter is taken more seriously. Writing an “I’m sorry” letter, is more likely to get you forgiveness than saying “I’m sorry” over the phone.
“I love you” written in ink on a piece of a paper is felt more than an “I love you” written in Arial font size 10.
When you’re down and are questioning why you ever agreed to this long distance relationship in the first place, sometimes reading an old letter is enough to make you remember.

I’m on a mission!
I want to help bring back love letters
to a generation that doesn’t write anymore

Taking a few minutes to write a letter is a positive thing that you can do for your relationship. It is one of the simplest ways to make your partner happy.

Free LDR Stationery

Back in December 2009, I held a long distance relationship themed stationery contest. You can download the top 8 entries for free here. Envelopes included!

Love Letter Satchels

I felt I wasn’t doing my love letters justice by storing them in a big storage container, so I created a “Love Letter Satchel” in January 2010 and I started making them for other people in long distance relationships.

Love Letter Day

The 10th of every month on Loving From A Distance is Love Letter Day I created this site-wide day to inspire others to get out a pen and paper and write to their loved ones.

To create a little extra motivation, I also created a Love Letter Ideas section on our forum so others can share and get ideas for what to do for their next love letters.

The “Love Letter Day” Mark
In the bottom left-hand corner of your envelope, draw a small heart. Maybe one day, Love Letter Day letters in the mail will get noticed! 😀

Love Letter Online Gallery

To further motivate others to do something good for their relationship, I think the best way to do so would be by example. So I have created a Love Letter Gallery so people everywhere can share their love letters with the world and inspire others 😀 If you submit your letter(s)/love note(s) by May 1st you’ll be entered in our latest contest for cool prizes! Visit the Love Letter Gallery to learn more.

Not all love letters have to be mushy

You can be silly, you can tell a story, talk about your day, share a recipe, tell a joke, share childhood memories, tell secrets, draw a picture, etc… there are many ways to write a love letter without being over-the-top lovey dovey

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