Being in a long distance relationship myself for 5+ years, I cherished everything Frank sent me in the mail: Love letters, photos, cards, etc… Up until recently I had been keeping these keepsakes in a small storage container. Pretty boring, and it wasn’t suitable for things so special to me.

One day I had the perfect idea… love letter satchels. That’s what I call them anyway. So I pulled out the sewing machine and created my very own love letter satchel. It came out so well, that I knew other long distancers would appreciate them as much as I did.

The satchels are approximately 10″ long and 7″ wide – so they have plenty of room for long, full-sized envelopes, large cards, letters, pictures, even a small journal.

Make your own Love Letter Satchel

I used to make love letter satchels and sold them here on LFAD (I made the ones in the slide show above). After I moved to be with Frank the closest fabric store was an hour away. I had to stop making them, but created an ebook so you can learn to make one yourself. 🙂 Sewing machine is not required, but nice to use if you have one

For $5.00 you can purchase my e-book on how to make your very own Love Letter Satchel. Material list, step-by-step instruction guide, and lots of pictures included!

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