A Day In the Life of a Working College Student and Navy Girlfriend

By: Lauren

My story begins with a stoplight in downtown Charleston, SC. Yes, you heard me correctly; my sailor and I met at a stoplight. It was my freshman year of college and I was out with some friends one night when we pulled up next to a car with 5 Navy sailors about to graduate basic. My friend told them to meet us at the next restaurant and it all began from there. Trey and I had an instant connection and went on several dates after that. I found out a few weeks later, that he already had a girlfriend back home. I was pretty upset and never spoke to him again. Almost 4 years later, Trey found me on Snapchat and started talking to me. As apprehensive as I was, I tried to be as spontaneous as possible and give it a try. We have talked every day since then. He drove 10 hours to come see me while he had leave, knowing that we had not seen each other for 4 years. It went more perfect than I could ever imagine.

Trey is currently stationed in Washington state, over 3,000 miles away from me in Delaware. He has been in the Navy for almost 5 years now and has the whole thing down. I, however, am not used to the distance, making it difficult to get on the same page some days. He is so incredibly patient with me and tries whenever possible to call or text, even for a quick second. I knew what I was getting myself into, signing up for a MilSo. It hasn’t been long, but I take it each day at a time to keep myself sane.

I wake up every morning, not believing that it is already another day. I hit my snooze just enough times to hop out of bed, put clothes on, brush my teeth, and jump in my car. I start my usual 9-5 job every day; slowly adjusting to the new day. Because of the time difference, Trey calls at about 9:30am just to talk for 3 minutes before he heads on base. As short as these conversations are, I love knowing that I get to talk to my sailor to start my day. We never talk during the day because he is not allowed to have his cell while on base. I work through my day, and head to class after an 8 hour work day, to start my 5 hour class. Sometimes Trey will be able to call or text for a minute just to let me know he is heading home. Most nights I am able to talk to him for a little while before we both fall asleep. I am so lucky that I get to talk to him every day, even for just a little. I am used to the short and sweet conversations, and as I tell him every day; I’m thrilled that I have someone to miss every day.

I slowly drift off to sleep after talking to my sailor and prepare for the next day. I found that keeping myself as busy as I am, it helps with the negative thoughts about when I’ll get to talk to him or see him again. I couldn’t be more happy with him and cannot wait to see where the future takes us.