Things for Long Distance Relationship Couples to do From A Distance

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41. Pass the test?

Not something for long distance couples to do together/for each other, but for long distance couples nonetheless. Here are some fun LDR quizzes to take to see if your relationship can survive (I don't know how accurate they are, so take them just for fun!):

42. "Be naughty."

This is something that maybe you've done or thought about doing in your long distance relationship. Anni who is also in a long distance relationship suggests: Be naughty from time to time. When you're in love it simply belongs to it that you are intimate, and you shouldn't let the distance affect your "private time." Even if you're not in the same room, state, country or continent, it doesn't matter. All you need is a phone, instant messaging or (my personal favorite) a webcam. Tell him/her what you think and how you feel. Tell him/her naughty things. Write a romantic/erotic story with the two of you or do role-playing. If you wanna go farther, use your webcam and show your partner a little "more" of you. Only try this with your partner if you feel comfortable doing this with them. If you've never been physically intimate with your boyfriend/girlfriend before, this can either be a gradual transition to that stage, or you may not feel comfortable doing these things on the phone/webcam until you've been with them in person, or you may never be comfortable. If both people aren't completely comfortable with the idea, then you shouldn't do it. If you need help gaining confidence here are some websites with some helpful advice on the subject:

If you like this idea, you might like idea #72.

43. A cute game with an unexpected message.

Play this game to reveal the message at the end. Draw a stickman

At the end of the game you can customize the message that appears at the end of the game and send it to your bf/gf's email. It will be a cute and unexpected surprise. :)

44. Write a letter on Love Letter Day (10th of every month).

You've probably seen this one before, but it is really a good idea. Handwritten letters are really nice to get and can be fun to write. I love seeing Frank's messy handwriting, haha, so much character. Letters can mean so much more than an email. Here are some sites with free printable stationary!

Read about Love Letter Day at LFAD!<-- visit this page to get FREE printable stationery.

A little inspiration: Love Letter Gallery - a growing collection of love letters by couples from around the globe

Make a Love Letter Satchel E-book! I came up with the idea to create a "satchel" for my very own love letters, photos, greeting cards, movie tickets, bus tickets, etc from my relationship with Frank.

LDR gift tip? Make one for your partner and promise to send weekly/monthly love letters and cards!

45. Make a card.

I've done this many times. I usually make them for special holidays for Frank, but a handmade card can be appreciated any day of the year. Often I draw and create my own cards, but if you're not confident about your artistic abilities check out Want to send a card right away and don't have enough time or the materials to make your own card? Check out Hallmark's personalized cards with sound where you can choose a song to add to it and add your own words. When you order any Hallmark paper card, you can add your own words (or use their own) and they'll mail the card for you.

46. Watch a concert together.

This is a great idea if you both like the same music. Even if you don't like the same music genres, watching your boyfriend/girlfriend's favorite band play is a way to show them that you care about his/her interests. This is definitely a combination of ideas 1 and 16, but unique enough to set it apart. Check out these links where you can watch concerts for free online:

47. Send video messages.

I just discovered this great online application that lets you send video messages. It is like getting emails in video format! And it's free! This can be really ideal for couples who don't get to talk to each other a lot on the phone or webcam due to extreme differences in time zones. " is the first, comprehensive, client-free online video messaging platform ideal for both personal and business communications. It offers everyone the ability to create and receive video messages in a self-contained, spam-free environment. With no client to install, you can start using Eyejot immediately with any browser, on any platform."

48. Send your scent.

I've done this for Frank before. What I did was I took a piece of felt and cut out a heart shape. I then spritzed a small amount of the perfume I wore at the time on it, and sent it to him so he could smell "me." If you've been with your LDR boyfriend/girlfriend before in person, getting the chance to smell "them" can turn on some very strong emotions. The power of scent on our memories and emotions is amazing. I love the smell of Frank's deodorant and as funny as it sounds, I miss smelling him. So when I'm shopping and go by the deodorant aisle, I always stop to pick up the exact deodorant he always buys, and I take the cap off to get a whiff, and for a second it feels like he's right there. :)

49. Write a poem.

You don't have to write a serious love poem necessarily. Try writing a poem about your usual day, a poem about the things that make you think of him/her, or the things you miss about him/her. Make it a fun poem. You don't have to be overwhelmingly romantic with a long drawn out poem about your hearts as one and her eyes. An everyday, short, funny, cute poem can be appreciated just as much, if not more. If you want your poem to rhyme, here's a nifty tool to help you find the right words:

50. Send a personal cryptoquip.

Solve Michelle's cryptoquip puzzle:


Hint: Q = I

I have also done this for Frank before, and he had a lot of fun trying to solve the one I created for him. From Wikipedia: "A cryptogram is a type of puzzle which consists of a short piece of text encrypted with a simple substitution cipher in which each letter is replaced by a different letter or number. To solve the puzzle, one must recover the original lettering." Think of a short nice message you want to send your love and make your own!

Above is a cryptoquip puzzle I made. See if you can solve it (try writing it on a piece of paper, it will be easier to solve if you can write in the letters as you figure them out.

Use this Cryptoquip Generator and enter in the message you want your boyfriend/girlfriend to solve. Press the "scramble" button and it will generate your cryptoquip. Just make sure to give them a clue (eg. H=Y) because this generator does not give one.

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