Things for Long Distance Relationship Couples to do From A Distance

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51. Fun love generators.

I've listed certain love generators before, and now I've decided to put the rest I find here. So this is a little list within a list that may grow!
  • Declaration of Romantic Intent: Fill out this cute form and send to your boyfriend/girlfriend.

  • Love Poem Generator: A MadLib love poem generator you might like. You enter your own words and it generates a poem for you. I tried it out, I don't know if it made much sense, haha, but it was funny. If you don't like the poem it generates, just click at the bottom "Let me try another love poem generator" to try again.

  • Love Letter Generator: You write the letter, and this generator generates an image of your letter that you can put on your website, blog, or MySpace.

  • Valentine's Day Love Letter Generator: Choose the occasion (Valentine's Day, Anniversary,or no occasion - standard love letter) and answer the questions. It generates a love letter you can copy and paste.

  • Love/Valentine Poem Generator: another love poem generator. You choose the lines of the poem.

52. Write your story.

People remember things differently, and memories may fade or alter overtime. So this is why I came up with this idea. You and boyfriend/girlfriend can each write your love story. Include details of how you met, when your feelings started to change for him/her, how you felt when you first told them you had feelings for them, or how you felt when they told you they had feelings for you for the first time. What were your first impressions of each other? What initially attracted you to him/her? Who initiated the first kiss? Were you aware he/she had feelings for you before any confessions were made? What is your favorite memory as a couple? Who said "I love you" first? Where was your first date? How did you initially feel about being in a long distance relationship? Include everything you can remember. Exchange your stories, and I'm sure you'll have your own "Oh Yeah!" moments and remember things you had forgotten about or hadn't remembered correctly. You may learn things you never realized before. And as a plus, you'll have documented an important part of your life that you can keep forever.

You can do what Anni does as an alternative:

...every day we send each other an email in which we tell the other one about something we remember of the two of us and about the times we have spent together. That is an awesome thing to do because on the one hand, when you read that little memory it makes you remember the good times and you start thinking about it again. On the other hand that's a way to keep all those memories from disappearing in your head. Unfortunately it happens too often that you forget about those little things that happened and that made you smile. It always makes me happy to remember something that I didn't think of any more.

53. Make Babies! :P

Well, not real babies... haha. is a website that can take two images (one of you and your boyfriend/girlfriend) and generates an image of what your future child might look like. It is the coolest thing ever! :)

Take a look at our baby! (click image to view larger)

It really works! Unfortunately Frank wears glasses and they were morphed in the generated image.

Here's another cool website you can try out...

Melissa suggests going to and adopting your own virtual baby that you both can care for.

Not ready for a baby? :P Try adopting a virtual pet:

54. How much do I love you?

This next idea is an email game created by Evan.

I made up this little game for my gf and I to play... all you do is email each other "how much you love them" and the point is to use analogies and try to top the last one sent. Example would be: "I love you like pigeons love statues." And then she'll reply with one and keep trying to make them better and better, really makes you think when your out and about working and whatnot. You find yourself trying to look around for an idea for a better one. Just a little something that you can have some fun with. =)

55. "I'll see you in my dreams."

Okay, you're gonna think, "Well that's quite a stretch," or, "This girl is crazy." Well let me tell you something, this is number 55 and the ideas aren't coming so easy!

Well today I thought of something Frank used to say a lot to me before we went to sleep: "I'll try to dream of you tonight." As I'm sure many of you in long distance relationships have said or at least wanted to do on occasion. So I did a little research and yes, it is possible to be able to control your dreams. They are called lucid dreams. I've had them before a few times but never practiced or trained myself to recognize I was in dreamland. One time I realized I was dreaming and immediately was excited and the first thing I wanted to do was fly. I kept jumping up and down until I finally was able to float up! I totally did not think of Frank, or the possibility of materializing him there. It just never occured to me. So anyways, back to my research, I found that you can actually control whether or not your dream is lucid, just by simply realizing you're dreaming, and once you do, the fun begins! You control your surroundings and who's there, and more importantly what you can do. What do you have to lose by trying? You have to sleep and dream anyway! So here are some links to educate yourself, and maybe tonight you can make the distance disappear.

56. Apologize for something stupid you did.

Okay, we all do stupid things once in awhile that hurts our other half from afar. Often they usually require an apology. Sometimes though it can be hard to overcome our pride and say "sorry." And then sometimes saying sorry doesn't cut it, and the hurt party throws it back in your face and tells you that you don't really mean it. We've all been there right? Well when you're at a distance, apologies are even harder, for example, you can't offer a comforting hug to make the other person feel better. And can you really help it if he/she is giving you the cold shoulder and they're not responding to phone calls or email?

So anyways, I found this form, and I know it can't replace a hug, but it might just make them smile again. All you have to do is fill it out and whamo bamo, you have yourself a formal apology! Formal Apology Form. Also try: Record of Remorse.

57. Design something unique.

A while ago Frank designed for me a cute little item with his own special message: "You are loved." There are a couple sites out there that will let you custom design pretty much any product you want... clothing, hats, mugs, bags, even shoes... the list goes on. All you have to do is upload an image you've made or a picture and resize it on the product of your choosing. Leave the rest of the work up to them. Check out (very simple and easy to use! not to mention lots of fun!)

58. Keepsake boxes.

I save everything I get from Frank including cards and letters. I also save things like bus tickets, movie tickets for movies Frank and I have seen together, the first rose Frank gave me (it's dried), as well as a multitude of other things that I have accumulated during our relationship. Right now I have them all in one of those clear plastic storage boxes with a lid... all those special things in a not so special box. So I have come up with this idea because it is something I would like to do myself. Make keepsake boxes for each other! Go to any arts & crafts store and you'll find boxes... wooden or durable cardboard boxes that are plain so you can decorate them as you wish. Use paint, pictures, stickers, messages, etc to decorate the outside of the box. Find a nice fabric, faux fur, or felt to line the inside. Exchange your boxes the next time you see each other or mail them. And now you have a special box your boyfriend/girlfriend made for you, to put all your special things in. :)

59. Hold hands. (Wax hands)

Thad is the genius behind this next idea. Thad writes:

Last weekend when my girlfriend, Cheryl, was visiting I got another idea for you to add to you list. We were visiting a bookstore in western Massachusetts that is housed in an old mill -- its an amazing place and it was a great time to go through children's books with Cheryl (she's an elementary school teacher) but its not the subject of my idea. As we were driving south on I-91 to Springfield, Massachusetts to meet a friend for dinner we happened to pass the Yankee Candle company factory. She had heard that you could dip your own candles so we decided to turn around and find our way there. As it turns out, you can't actually visit the factory itself, but they have a pretty amazing visitor center with shops and restaurants a bit farther up the road. And yes you can dip your own candles and other wax creatures. The idea I wanted to share is that you can also do wax molds of your own hands. We each did one, and are planning to trade them off. This would make a nice wonderful gift, and it was a really fun experience. They're only $5 each and it only takes a few short minutes. So if you're in the area, I strongly recommend a visit to the Yankee Candle Shops in South Deerfield, Massachusetts.

Here's a "how-to" I found on making your very own wax hand! DIY: Make a Wax Hand

You can also find hand molding kits in any crafts store. Just think... you'll be able to hold his/her hand whenever you want to! :) Thank you for the awesome idea Thad! :)

60. Pillow Talk.

EJ and Amanda both sent me ideas for things LDR couples can do when they rest their heads at night:

Well, I don't know if other people do this, but what I do with my long distance boyfriend, is we sleep on the phone together. We just set the phone down next to us and say our goodnights and then fall asleep. It's so nice and comforting to know they are there. And sometimes during the night I wake up and just listen to him breathe! It's amazing! - Amanda I don't if I could consider this sharing advice, but other people in LDRs could try this too. Since me and my love both sleep with more than one pillow on our bed, I came up with an idea. When she comes to see me, I'm gonna give her one of my pillows and she's gonna give me one of hers. It'll be like sleeping with each other every night :) - EJ

Click below to check out these long distance relationship themed pillow cases:

Say I Love You Pillowcases

If you have an artistic side, try creating your own! :)

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