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Loving From A Distance is expanding and we’re looking for people enthusiastic about long distance dating who are interested in writing useful articles for long distance couples.

If you would like to write for LFAD here are some guidelines:

  • Being good at writing is a must! If you are careless with typos, never capitalize your I’s, and write short and choppy sentences, or huge run-on sentences then your article won’t be accepted.
  • All articles must be approved. If you have an idea for an article, run the idea by Frank and I first before you begin writing it. It is important that article’s do not contradict our site’s values and advice about long distance relationships.
  • No shameless promotion allowed. We are fine with you including a link to your blog or website in the resource box of your article, but writing your entire article about your site/blog is a definite “don’t”

What we’re looking for…

  • College Students
  • International Long Distance Daters
  • Military Couples coping with deployment
  • Older adults in long distance relationships
  • Teen long distance relationships
  • Meeting for the first time
  • Online dating
  • Transitioning from non-distance to LDR and vice versa
  • The list goes on…

Ready to write?

If you would like to contribute an article please send us the following:

  • You must first become a member of our community. To sign up please visit this page: Become a LFAD Member!
  • Once you are a registered member, you will have blogging privileges. Blog posts are able to be promoted to articles (these appear on the front page here). Compose your article and post it as a blog post. Send me (Michelle) the link to your blog post, and I will review your article and if it meets our requirements, I will promote it to an article that will appear on the home page of our member area where our members and unregistered guests will be able to view it.

If you have any questions, our email address is

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