A Day In The Life Of Being In Love With A US Marine

Military Long Distance Relationship Couple

By: Abby

My name is Abby and I am in Love with a US Marine. We started dating June 11th 2010 and from the first day we hung out we had an amazing, indescribable connection. We fell in Love so fast and our Love is unbreakable, we have an amazing bond that I cannot even begin to describe the feeling. I feel so lucky to have found my true soul mate. I never expected it to happen like this.

marine couple

May of 2011 we found out he was leaving for boot camp, the day he had to leave is the day we found out. My heart dropped. We had a few hours to spend together until he had to leave. We went out to eat with my family and his family and I could not stop crying. After we went out to eat we brought him to his recruiting station to say goodbye to him. It was honestly the hardest thing I have ever been through in my life. I held him for so long. We looked each other in the eyes and said our goodbyes and told each other how much we love each other. And then I left, cried my heart out, and felt like I couldn’t breathe.

The hardest part was knowing I wouldn’t be able to talk to him or see him for 3 months straight. We wrote each other letters constantly and each letter was amazing and I cried every letter I wrote and every letter I received. I would listen to saved voicemails from him over and over and over again. I would re-read letters from him over and over and over again. I cried every day. Life felt unreal and incomplete without him. Finally the day was getting closer to him graduating from boot camp and his family and I got a beach house in San Diego, CA. Where his boot camp was.

A couple days later was family day (which is the day before graduation where you get to spend some time with him on base for a few hours). The night before family day I could not sleep, I was so anxious and excited. And the day of family day on our way to the base I broke down. Once we got there we all lined up and his whole platoon ran out and stood in front of us.

Once again, my heart dropped and I broke down. I was literally bawling and shaking so hard. Seeing him after 3 months was the most crazy and amazing feeling I have ever experienced. They all stood there in front of us and couldn’t look at us or say anything to us. And about 45 minutes later after the Marines did their run and the instructors did their speeches, they said the marines are released and I RAN up to him and hugged him and cried so hard and it was the best feeling in the world. We spent some time on base and then the next day was the actual graduation and he got to come home with us which was absolutely amazing. Everything felt so unreal, I couldn’t believe I was actually with him again! And he spent 10 days with us and just today he left again for MCT (Marine Combat Training).

marine couple Goodbyes to loved ones are the hardest thing to ever go through. Saying goodbye again was super hard and heart breaking but this time around I at least get phone calls and Skype from him on weekends. He is now gone again and now I am sitting here writing this. My heart is so twisted, I miss him already.

marine couple

Once he is done with all his training and schooling we plan on getting married next summer. I cannot wait to get married to him. I am so in love with him. Saying goodbye to him is so hard but it only makes us stronger. Marrying him will be the best thing to ever happen to me. Love is truly an amazing feeling that you literally cannot describe. Every morning without him when I wake up he is the first thing I think about. And the last thing I think about at night. He is never not on my mind. I cannot imagine life without him. He makes my life complete. I never imagined this to ever happen to me.

Our story is like what you would see on tv, it’s crazy. Days go so slow without him but I have faith and I know God will bless him and keep him safe and I know God will keep him and I together forever. He has blessed our relationship so much and I am so thankful. It is definitely not easy going through all of this but I know it will get easier. And no matter how hard this is, it is truly worth it when you are in Love. If I had to, I would wait forever. A day in the life of being in love with a US Marine is definitely…. something you could never understand unless you experience it ♥